CMI’s Corporate University is recognized for its excellence and education development

CMI’s Corporate University is recognized for its excellence and education development

September 09 2021

laUcmi becomes the first Latin American Corporate University to be certified by the LPI Learning & Performance Institute.

Within the framework of the 100 years of good stories to tell of Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI), its Corporate University (laUcmi) joins this celebration with its certification by the Learning & Performance Institute (LPI) in London, thus becoming the first Latin American Corporate University to receive this certification. 

“The heart of CMI is in the people, and we recognize that the basis for the exchange of knowledge and skills is in collaboration and continuous learning. This certification is the result of hard work, responsibility, and effort to continue educating thousands of associates”, assured Luis Pedro Recinos, Corporate General Director.


In the last 6 years, laUcmi has impacted more than 29,000 associates at different organizational levels in Central America, the United States and the Caribbean. The university, together with other organizations, internally certifies the learning, skills and specific competencies that each associate acquires. Within its educational program, the topics of training skills and abilities required by each business unit stand out, as do soft skills such as leadership and communications, among others. 

The Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) is the world's leading corporate learning organization with over 25 years of history, working with renowned brands such as PEPSICO, Amazon, DELL, Microsoft, Volvo, BMW group, American Express, LEGO, BBVA, among other. 

LPI CEO Ed Monk said, “Accreditation is the definitive benchmark for educational departments and organizations. It is not an easy achievement; this achievement is significant, it is important and demonstrates a serious commitment on the part of CMI to invest in learning.”

To obtain this accreditation, laUcmi went through a rigorous approval process. First, a documentary compilation was made that included the strategic vision, indicators and future plans. Subsequently, an interview was conducted with an external consultant who evaluated a number of key performance indicators, which include: the client's value proposition, the process carried out to teach, evaluation metrics, current challenges of laUcmi , among others. Lastly, the report of the interview was sent to London to be evaluated by the accrediting members of LPI, who approved and certified the management of laUcmi.

This recognition certifies the institution as a Corporate University, which meets the parameters of effectiveness, continuous development and quality of learning imparted at an international level; it operates through a comprehensive process that promotes easy, friendly and dynamic learning through four study modalities: face-to-face, virtual, in the workplace and mixed learning that combines all of the above.

 “We are proud to be recognized as the first company of Latin American origin to obtain this international certification. Now, our job is to stay up-to-date with the new trends in digital learning, to continue generating our culture of innovative learning and continuous teaching”, added José Miguel Larios Ramírez, Senior Director of Corporate Human Resources at CMI.

The learning philosophy is based on three fundamental pillars: development as an individual responsibility, leaders training leaders, and a learning model that combines significant relationships and traditional training to develop the ability of hands-on learning, and to take advantage of the possibility of acquiring the collective knowledge of CMI.

In the future, laUcmi will continue to add value to each associate by developing key skills in them through virtual, flexible, agile and comprehensive learning, with the aim of becoming a benchmark in the region for its efficient and robust comprehensive learning processes.

“For laUcmi it is important to be the main promoter and enabler of the CMI’s strategy, through the creation of capacities in our associates, to become a benchmark in the region for our efficient and complete comprehensive learning processes, and to continue reaching higher levels of excellence.”, highlighted Patricia De León Welchez, Corporate Director Center of Expertise Organizational Development of CMI.