The Latin Finance magazine recognizes Corporación Multi Inversiones for the placement of US$ 700 million in green bonds

The Latin Finance magazine recognizes Corporación Multi Inversiones for the placement of US$ 700 million in green bonds

October 07 2021

New York. CMI Energía, part of the CMI Capital group of Corporación Multi Inversiones, received one of the most important awards in the financial industry on September 30 after successfully placing US$700 million of green bonds in April 2021.

These are the Project & Infrastructure Finance Awards, given each year by the prestigious Latin Finance magazine, to recognize financial institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean that, through their successful projects, have generated economic progress for the region.

CMI Energía was recognized in the Infrastructure Financing of the Year – Central America category. These awards offer a broad perspective on the achievements highlighted by each company in the last year, since the winners are selected by the editors of the magazine, considering factors such as innovation, opportunity, foresight, quality of execution and impact.

"This recognition from LatinFinance fills us with satisfaction and allows us to reaffirm our commitment to continuous growth and generating a positive impact on the environment and the communities where we operate," explained Enrique Crespo, CEO of CMI Capital.

Last April, CMI Energía successfully placed US$700 million of green bonds, with a yield of 6.25% and maturity in 2029, as well as a syndicated credit line of approximately US$300 million.

This transaction is the largest ever carried out by a renewable energy company in Central America and the Caribbean and marked the company's entry into the international capital market, with the largest and most diversified private portfolio of 100% renewable energy in the region. 

The success of this placement is explained not only by the technological and geographical diversity of its energy platform, but also by the strong commitment that CMI Capital has with the care, protection and conservation of the environment and respect for human rights.


CMI Capital firmly believes in the potential of its investments in power generation through renewable sources, which are also essential to combat climate change and limit its most critical effects.

Through its portfolio, the corporation contributes to caring for the environment, preventing the emission of approximately 1,578,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year, thus directly combating climate change.

“Investing in renewable energy is investing in comprehensive sustainability. And for that, it is essential that we promote a reliable, affordable and decarbonized energy system to continue contributing to the social, economic and environmental growth of the countries”, Crespo added.

Within the framework of CMI's 100-year history, with this recognition, CMI Energy continues to add milestones, while fulfilling its strategic vision of generating impact investments that promote sustainable development.

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