Pollo Campero celebrates 50 Years and invites everyone to Countless sharing

Pollo Campero celebrates 50 Years and invites everyone to Countless sharing

April 29 2021

Guatemala. Since 1971, Pollo Campero has conquered its consumers with its unmatched flavor, a varied menu proposal and its unparalleled care and passion for service. Thanks to this, the brand has grown and evolved, becoming part of the Guatemalan and Salvadoran culture, crossing borders all over the world.

As part of Corporación Multi Inversiones, Pollo Campero represents a key part of the business of the CMI Foods group. "This celebration is extremely important in the context of a growth strategy for CMI Foods that seeks to reach $5 billion in annual sales in all the countries where we operate," emphasized José Gregorio Baquero, CEO of CMI Foods.

To date, Pollo Campero is a family of more than eight thousand employees who each day deliver Sabor Campero (“Campero Flavor” depicts the unique and distinctive flavor of the Campero brand) experience to their consumers. Currently, it operates in Guatemala, El Salvador, the United States, Mexico, Honduras and Ecuador with more than 350 restaurants. "This 50-year celebration is made possible thanks to each one of the members of the Campero family who, with great dedication and passion, make Sabor Campero a pleasant and happy experience for each of our consumers," said Ricardo Castillo, General Director of Pollo Campero.

Sabor Campero was born with the unique recipe of its Traditional Chicken: Tender, Juicy and Crispy, and over time it has added several products that have conquered the palate of its consumers with the inclusion of its famous breakfasts, chicken burgers, the delicious Pechuguitas, the Extra Crispy Chicken and now also its grilled chicken, among many others.

In addition to the evolution of its products, there are innovations in service since the introduction of self-service in 1980 and home delivery in 1995. Pollo Campero has evolved to reach its most complete omnichannel service strategy; from a visit to a restaurant, whether in the table room, pergolas or outdoor table service, a phone call, application for mobile devices, website, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and through third-party operators, Sabor Campero maintains closeness to its consumers depending on each of their needs and consumption habits.

A very important part of the history of the Pollo Campero brand has been its communication campaigns that have always sought to be present in the most important moments of the country, always launching positive and solidarity messages such as “Guatemala is standing”, “As Guatemalan as you”, “Feeding your love for Guatemala”, “Let's make Guatemala our best work”, “Heroes of my country”, “More Yours than ever”, and “If we all change, everything changes”.

In this context of celebrating the first 50 years of Pollo Campero, the brand is preparing to celebrate “Sin Cuenta” *(countlessly), by thanking its consumers through a number of activities, special promotions, products and surprises with which it seeks to fill its customers with joy.

Pollo Campero invites us, together, to begin to help, to love, to share, to enjoy and, of course, to savor countlessly. “After a period of unexpected changes in the world, we are reminded that the most important things are life, family and the people around us. For this reason, at Pollo Campero we invite everyone to enjoy the good without limit and to countlessly celebrate our 50 years, with us”, said Rodrigo del Cid, Marketing Director at Pollo Campero. 

Sabor Campero also crosses borders by marking its presence and development with more than 81 restaurants in the United States, 29 in Honduras and 17 in Ecuador.

“It is important to highlight the relevance of our people in this 50th Pollo Campero Anniversary celebration, part of the first 100 years of history of Corporación Multi Inversiones born from the legacy of Juan Bautista Gutierrez and that makes us today stronger than ever with a sound vision for the future”, concluded Juan José Gutiérrez, President Chairman of CMI Foods.

New launches, openings, and options for countless enjoyment opportunities.

As part of the novelties to be offered to celebrate this important event, Campero has prepared a full schedule of activities, promotions, and good news. You can gain access to all the information you need for countless enjoyment at  www.campero.com/sincuenta.

To begin celebrating, we have re-introduced the Pancake Towers with the unequalled Nutella and Banana flavors, plus new flavors: caramelized apple and cream cheese and peaches.

Also included, for a limited time, crispy onion rings and delicious cheese fingers in the new Super Banquet, a combination of different products that also bring wings, Camperitos and French fries, a new and complete option to share and enjoy the Sabor Campero variety.  In addition, customers will be able to enjoy fantastic promotions such as two Campero chicken combos for Q50 from Monday to Friday starting at 6 pm. through every service channel. Another surprise is the new Celebration Combo, a combination of 12 pieces of the delicious unique chicken flavor, with potatoes, bread, beverages, and flan.  These are only a few of the options to start the year, with different varieties coming each season.

Surprises are never-ending and, for countless enjoyment at home, the delicious and so yearned for Campero Barbecue, Ranch and Mustard Sauces are available in bottle presentation in select supermarkets and restaurants in the country.

To amaze you with countless news is the Pollo Campero plan for the entire year. We will continue to share good news in coming months through our official accounts and through our webpage, www.campero.com/sincuenta. Let’s celebrate countlessly!

Source: Digital Central American and Caribbean Newspaper