CMI shared with Corporate Excellence and Spainsif, benchmarks in investment, offering impact and management of intangibles

CMI shared with Corporate Excellence and Spainsif, benchmarks in investment, offering impact and management of intangibles

July 02 2021

After CMI's recent accession to the European Think Tank Corporate Excellence, Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez, President Chairman of CMI Capital and the CEO of CMI Capital, Enrique Crespo, visited Madrid, where they spoke with Ángel Alloza, CEO of Corporate Excellence, Joaquín Garralda, President of Spainsif and Francisco Garayoa, General Director of Spainsif.

During the meeting, CMI shared its experience, lessons learned and success stories in generating sustainable impact investments and managing intangibles, as well as the opportunities that arise thanks to working together with Corporate Excellence and Spainsif.

As a multi-Latin family business, CMI aims to create economic, social and environmental value in the communities where it operates, by offering excellence and quality in its products, services and projects, through its two business groups: CMI Food and CMI Capital.

Enrique Crespo, CEO of CMI Capital, highlighted how CMI has become one of the most important business groups in Latin America, with the commitment to be a world-class organization in terms of products, processes and human capital, participating significantly in multiple markets and growing strategically with outstanding and sustainable profitability.

Corporate Excellence and Spainsif, partners in sustainable investments. 

Corporate Excellence is an innovation, research, applied knowledge and training accelerator for the management of intangibles. Ángel Alloza, CEO of Corporate Excellence, said: “I love being around motivated people with a strong sense of purpose, people who pursue their dreams with passion and perseverance. We welcome with pride this prestigious multi-Latin family business that places its purpose and values at the center of its actions; actions which are workers and community-centric”. 

For its part, Spainsif is a meeting and reference platform for sustainable and responsible investment opportunities in Spain. Its primary mission is to promote the integration of environmental, social and good governance criteria in investment policies, thus contributing to sustainable development. 

Francisco Garayoa, Director General of Spainsif, recognized the recent achievements of CMI, with its placement of $700 million in green bonds, the largest carried out by a private renewable energy company in the Central American and Caribbean region: “All citizens, as individual savers and investors, are called to play, as protagonists, and as parties responsible of ensuring that the demand for sustainable investment be strengthened in Spain. We are positively impressed by the recent green bond operation led by CMI.  The company is undoubtedly a benchmark in these operations”.

For his part, Joaquín Garralda, President of Spainsif added: “10 years ago, sustainable investment was marked by exclusion, but strategies have been changing towards the inclusion of ESG criteria in the creation of portfolios. The good stories shared by CMI leaders reflect clear international references”.

In 2021, CMI celebrates 100 years of good stories to tell, and with it, celebrates a growth story that has led it to have more than 40 thousand employees in 15 countries, particularly in Latin America and the United States.