At Campero USA, we are all CMI

At Campero USA, we are all CMI

December 23 2022

Guided by our REIR values, as part of the CMI family, the Campero USA team works every day with passion for the customer and in the pursuit of excellence. 

Behind the success of Pollo Campero in the United States lies the effort of our employees who practice the REIR values as a work philosophy, in a company with opportunities for development and personal growth. 

At CMI, Corporación Multi Inversiones, we value and promote the growth of our employees, because each one brings a cultural and professional element that enriches the operations in our more than 85 Campero USA restaurants where the warmth of a family business is transferred to our customers and consumers, who feel welcome, as part of an experience that remains in the heart and takes home memories.

Effort and teamwork

Whether in the office or in customer service, the Campero USA team's passion for good service motivates every day. In 2021 alone, more than 18.2 million customers were served in the United States, and thanks to CMI's growth plan for the Campero brand in this country, robust growth is expected in the coming years, under the vision of our Chairman of CMI Foods, Juan José Gutiérrez.

CMI is synonymous with good work, responsibility, excellence, integrity, and respect. Today we are present in the United States as a result of the effort of a team who share and uphold the teachings of our founder, don Juan Bautista Gutierrez, to make Campero USA a company where we are all one big family.